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Abruzzi's Original "Hot Peppers in Oil,‚ÄĚ a perfectly spiced, flavor-rich topping enjoyed on artisan breads, pizza, grilled meats, hamburgers, hot dogs, deli sandwiches, omelettes, salads, pasta, and more. Serve as appetizers on crackers or enjoy straight from the jar!

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I usually don't do this but recently I had purchased your sweet peppers in oil.  We usually make our own sweet and hot peppers, but a little behind this year so I figured I would try yours.  And I just wanted to make sure and send you guys a message to let you know that your peppers are absolutely delicious.  They're crisp, right amount of ingredients and absolutely excellent on hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks.  You definitely have me as a customer!

S. Rocco

Moved from Canfield, Ohio to Texas and I could not find any canned hot peppers anywhere in this state but after searching the internet for a while I was able to find your peppers and in which I received on 12/18. That night I brought the peppers to a party here in Texas where no Texan has ever had these kind of peppers before. Four hours later the jar was empty and people are asking where I got them from, these peppers are awesome!!!

Gary Breuer

I have been enjoying these peppers since 1976. Recently relocated to Fla. Thank you for the prompt delivery, keep the tradition of the (Abruzzi's) 422 alive!

T. Boyd

Thank you for your expedited shipment of hot peppers to Boston for my daughter‚Äôs birthday....she said ‚Äúbest birthday gift ever‚Ä̬† ¬†Your follow up detail and product are superior and we have now added you to our regular shipment list!

Patte Fithian

Received the order, they are still the best and will order again soon! God they are good!

Sonny Parker

Very efficient delivery, placed my order on a Sunday night.. jar of peppers was on my Thursday dinner table in North Carolina.

Jeff Hartiage

I finished my 12 jars of peppers today can't travel home in Niles to get more, so ordered online..  hope you get them in stores here in Richmond Va. 

Robert Rose

I went through half a jar in two meals and could have added more!  It really spiced up my turkey sandwich!  Um Um Um!  I have lots of plans for your peppers... pasta, stir fry, seared salmon, burgers.  Lots of room for creativity.

Marguerite Baca, Creator of Buns of Steel Yoga

My wife is addicted to your peppers!!  We ordered both the hot and the sweet, but she prefers the hot.  She actually transferred the left over oil from the hot jars to the sweet jars! lol

Brad Blackwell
ABRUZZI'S café 422 hot peppers in oil and sweet peppers in oil are great on crackers, bread, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled meats, over pasta, chili and salads.  A traditional Italian food, 100% natural, vegetarian, vegan friendly and gluten free

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